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About Grafix Palace Limited

Design & Printing Company Success Story

Grafix palace Limited is an innovative design and printing company with 21st-century creativity and facilities based in Benin City and Lagos. Grafix Palace Limited specializes in providing high-quality designs and prints for clients. 

With over ten (10) years in the printing industry, our high quality service remains unparalleled. In order to ensure quality and satisfactory service, we have in-house top quality trained personnel whose responsibilities are to ensure maximum satisfaction to our clients. Armed with the state-of-the art printing equipment and tools, we ensure our clients-individuals and corporate clients spreading across the entire federation-get the highest quality possible

New technologies bring in new changes. New changes mean new trends. These new trends create the need to repackage one’s ideas, products, services and campaigns. Grafix Palace Limited is fully aware of these changes and remains fully positioned to provide creative and graphical solutions to clients. These solutions extend beyond the normal core of basic art and design; solutions where customers are allowed to make choices, while still guided with sage advice. At Graflx, you throw out the options and we roll out the solutions: solutions with a touch of class. 

Meet our exceptionally talented team of professionals

Meet the Team

We currently have a team of over 100 full-time employees who each play an integral role in the company. We have dedicated full-time positions to project management, customer service, graphics design, printing, finishing, website development, and digital marketing to ensure we can provide you with fast, responsive service. We are always invested in your projects.