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Grafix Palace Limited

What we do at Grafix Palace Limited extends beyond our very own office, your office, even beyond our clients’ offices, Why? Because designs are meant to speak, to be seen, admired and also to serve a purpose, Hence our very own slogan: BEYOND THE OFFICE. But then you may ask again: How do we go BEYOND THE OFFICE? And we tell you. Come with us,

Our Services

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Let our professional team of experienced & creative graphic designers give expression to your ideas. From just sketches, we can create stunning designs for your marketing, branding, promotions etc. We have experts in the top design tools like Photoshop, Corel Suite, etc


Printing & Publishing

We are the No. 1 print and publishing company in Nigeria. We boast of the latest printing equipment as we are ready to give all your print jobs that wow effect.  When it comes to printing, sorting, trimming, cutting, stitching, binding and overall finishing of your printing job, we are the best.


Corporate Branding

We offer branding services for small and medium-scale businesses. From market research, customer research, we develop a corporate identity for your business using colors, logo, signage, web design, cards, invoices, ID cards, marketing materials, etc.

With our specialized Prints on T-shirts, face-caps, catalogues and brochures, we help you to push your organization beyond your office and bring you closer to your clients/customers’ homes and hearts.


Outdoor Advertising

We offer Outdoor advertising services for our premium clients. 


Photo Lab

In the digital world, output correlates directly with the input. That is Why at Grafix Palace we ensure the quality of the input with our pixel high resolution scanners and digital cameras. In our in-house digital photographic studio (Snap-it), our photos and colour management are put in place to ensure the highest quality possible

At Grafix, “a picture is worth a million words”.


Marketing Consultancy

We render digital marketing support services which include Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Facebook advertising, Google Advertising etc


Outdoor Printing

With our state of the art printing machines, we insure our signature of quality in the prints of our clients. We print on any flexible media like FLEXY, Self-Adhesive Vinyl (SAV), mesh, Banners canvas, and billboards


Vehicle Branding

With our state-of-the-art printing machines, we ensure our signature of quality in the branding of our client’s vehicles to ensure that their target audience is reached on the go.


Scratch Cards & Point of Sale

In this age where the world is going cash-less and almost everything and anything is done digital withe the use of technology, we come in handy by providing the ultimate solution with our printing of scratch cards or ATM Cards.

The choice is yours and the solution is ours.


With our prints on surfaces like wood, plastic, glass, to metallic surfaces; from movable signboards, to movable kiosks, the choice is yours.

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Best Printing Services

Promotional Printing

From fliers to flex banners, to stickers

Custom Brochures

Professionally done brochures with beautiful designs and layouts

Graphic Design

Jaw-dropping, stunning designs always

Outdoor Printing

Let’s give your business a touch of our excellence